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An ancient sport where heterosexual men armed only with a large lumpy cucumber face off against one another. The object of the contest is to insert the cucumber into the anal hole of the opponent.
"I lost a game of cumberbum and now I poop pickles"
by octoplusminus April 13, 2011
Cumberbum consists of two or more males, all completely heterosexual, each with a giant pickling cucumber. The object is to insert said cucumber into the opponents rectum. The opponent with the cucumber in said rectum then loses the contest. The winner becomes the cumberking. The loser is the cumberbum. It is considered in some cultures the ultimate test of manhood because failure is not an option. Death usually comes before the cucumber is inserted. As an additional insult, the cumberbum is sometimes forced to eat the cucumber out of his rectum.
I AM THE CUMBERKING" "My rectum hurts, I am the cumberbum.
by The Cumberking April 13, 2011
That thing that looks like a garder for guys when they wear a tux.
I was called a cumberbum by OC Supreme--I was like "Oh. Um. What's a cumberbum?" Me and my silly blonde moments!
by Leila M. April 12, 2007
The bum of one Benedict Cumberbatch.
Term also used to refer to the whole of Cumberbatch.
Girl #1: "Why are you looking at porn?"
Girl #2: "What, no, that's just Cumberbum."
by leddyhasdapeppy January 09, 2012
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