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An incredibly talented English actor of TV, film and theatre, known particularly for playing Stephen Hawking in 'Hawking', Paul Marshall in 'Atonement' and Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series 'Sherlock'. In addition to being spectacularly talented, he also has a gorgeous voice 'like a jaguar hiding in a cello', says adorable things like 'Oh crumpets!' when he wins awards, and is absolutely beautiful, ridiculously sexy and a genuinely lovely man.
I love Benedict Cumberbatch, he's so talented and I can't take my eyes off his beautiful face.
by likeaghostlyballet December 06, 2010
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Benedict Cumberbatch is a 38 year old actor who is known for film and television. He rose to worldwide fame with his role in the BBC 'Sherlock', as the title character. He is the most amazing actor most people will have seen. His portrayal of the modern Sherlock Holmes is perfectly like a sociopath but witty and sarcastic. He is also known for films like 'Hawking' where he played Stephen Hawing and more recently for playing Alan Turing in 'The Imitation Game. While also being a brilliant actor he also has the voice like 'an echo of a jaguar' Not only that but he is strangely attractive and has cheekbones so sharp that you could cut yourself if you slapped them. For all these reasons he has a HUGE fan base of giggly girls (and boys) who absolutely adore him. They have many different names for there group ranging from 'Cumberbitches' to 'Cumbercookies'. His fan base practically run Tumblr and he has been voted No.1 celebrity on tumblr for a second year in a row and his fans use cute words like cumberbooty. However lovely the 'Cumbercookies' seem to be, if you mention the Sherlock episode 'The Reichenbach Fall' or the fact that Sherlock only has about 3 episodes every two years or that Sherlock will be on hiatus longer than Doctor Who has been running. They will undoubtly bite your head off. Also, if you ever diss Benedict, they will hunt you down. But Benedict is the most down-to-earth, genuine and sweet guy you will ever meet and he seems so grateful for everything he has.
Average Girl: OMG I watched Sherlock at the weekend and that Benedict Cumberbatch is SOO amazing!
Cumbercookie: Yes I know! Only 2 years till the next episode! *fangirls excitedly*
Annoying Girl: Ew, Benedict Cumberbatch is an alien-looking weirdo.

by AwkwardOtter January 05, 2015
The man that has millions of women chasing after him, and millions of men wanting to be him. Noted for his amazing acting skills and his cheekbones.
I could cut myself slapping those cheekbones - Irene Adler referring to Sherlock who is played by Benedict Cumberbatch
by Lollipoplicker January 01, 2015
Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (occasionally referred to as Ben, Benny, Benny C, etc.) is a beautiful man who may not even be a man. His eyes are impossible to describe and his hair is constantly changing due to his many, many roles in the constant stream of films he's been in. The most popular of these are The Hobbit, Sherlock, The Imitation Game, The Fifth Estate, Star Trek Into Darkness, Parade's End, War Horse, and many, many more. He's won 17 awards and has been nominated for 29, proving that he is actually the greatest man there ever existed.

Though some would view him as nothing more than a terrifying looking alien creature thing, others would object. Strongly. Don't ever say anything bad about him in the presence of a cumberbitch or cumbercookie (A Cumberbatch fan) as this may cause death.
Cumberbitch: Benedict Cumberbatch is so freaking beautiful I love him so much omg look at his cumberbooty and did you see him at the oscars when he did the cumberbomb ?????!
by cumbercookie September 08, 2014
Possibly the most attractive man currently alive on this planet. Benedict, (often referred to be fangirls as Ben, Benny, Benny-boo, or Bene-dick), is most commonly known for playing the role of Sherlock Holmes in the BBC television show, Sherlock. He has also starred in Star Trek into Darkness, War Horse, The Fifth Estate, and Hawking. He has a large fanbase across the world, known as either, The Cumbercollective, The Cumbercookies, or more commonly, The Cumberbitches. Be careful when meeting Benedict, as where he goes, the fangirls always follow.
Person: So I was watching that show on BBC one last night, you know, Sherlock?
Cumberbitch: S..s..Sherlock? SheRLOCK?? SHERLOCK???!!??? WITH BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH?? *proceeds to flail about aimlessly on the floor*
by Articulate Cumberbitch February 17, 2014
Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is known for his alien beauty and gorgeous cheekbones. He is a marvelous, beautiful actor, mostly known for his role as 'Sherlock Holmes' in BBC's Sherlock.

Benedict Cumberbatch also stars in movies such as The Fifth Estate, Star Trek Into Darkness, August:Osage County, The Imitation Game, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug and Third Star. Just to name a few.

His astounding, breath taking, spectacular, stunning face, body and personality has raised the expectation of men in teenage fangirls worldwide.

His fanbase is known as Cumberbitches.
Person 1:
Have you seen Sherlock?
Person 2:
The one with Benedict Cumberbatch?
Person 1:
Yeah, that one.
Person 2:
I love it!
by ShannonHerondale February 14, 2014

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