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The worst level of humanity you can think of. If you are classified as a "cumbath," then don't expect to find a high paying job, an attractive wife, or any amount of happiness in your life. Your only hope is to be covered in the wonderful biological man-substance known as "cum." You'll be poor and probably sell pencils in a little tin cup, but you will be always warm due to the eternal baths of creamy ball butter that is expunged upon your corpulence. Enjoy it, you douchebag, or should I say, "cumbath."
God dammit, Subin and Screech are such monstrous cumbaths. They just watch Seinfeld and eat Japanese food. Bunch of cumbaths!!"
by Litterbean December 17, 2005
18 32
To cover a person with multiple loads of hot sperm, all over their body. See also bukkake and facial.
Betsy loved cum so much that she invited the football team over, sucked and fucked them until they gave her a cum bath; they took pictures.
by Johnny Cumm May 25, 2005
418 130
To pull out of a woman's vagina right before you ejaculate and instead cover her with sperm.
I gave her a CUM BATH.
by Osama bin Laden November 01, 2003
234 99
A cum-bath is a favorite of true sluts. The whore allows herself to be drenched in hot cum from head to toe. If a slut is lucky she will get 10 to 15 men to shoot jizz in her hair, on her face and tits, all over her wet used pussy, and on her dirty ass.
Kathy got a nice hot cum-bath last night. When i got home from work she was lying naked on the bed surrounded by men she had met at a bar. Her face was already sticky with cum and she was begging for more. She was rubbing jizz into her tits and calling herself a cumslut.
by btld September 14, 2007
90 14
luxurious indulgence, usually by a female, in a plentiful supply of semen. Her body is usually naked - as "bath" would suggest - both for practical and sensual reasons. For reasons of the standard male performance (5-12 cc of fresh ejaculate), more than one man is likely to be called on to turn on the supply for her. The alternative - pre-packaged sperm from one or more sources - is rather too gruesome to contemplate. And a girl can get mighty cold and bored waiting around in her birthday suit for a fully satisfactory coverage of her bathing needs by any one man's repeated creative outputs.
Cumbaths are by nature often more easily come by in porno - with the help of fluid supplements and substitutes, and a few sleights of hand - than in the hard light of workable reality.
by kofi May 19, 2003
53 11
<n> Slang;

1) When a female (or a man, respectively) is repeatedly showered with a large amount of cum from several other males.

2) To take a bath in cum.

See also: Bukkake
"Florence had ran out of Johnson's so she decided to have a cum-bath."
by Stuart Fletcher November 15, 2004
28 22
to bathe in a bath of cum
i bathed in cum yesterday
by mr.happy June 04, 2004
88 204