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a word in replace of dumbass or cum in the ass; someone who likes anal; one who likes sperm going up into their inner asshole
"wow that bitch is a real cumass"
"that girl likes it like a cumass"
by ilovecum123 December 23, 2013
an alternate for dumbass. one filled with cum; a person that has received cum (particularly in their ass) in some cases a slang word for homosexual
Josh shot his laptop with an airsoft gun, pssh what a cumbass.

"Dude that chick is hot as shit, god i wanna bang her!!!"
"Yeah dude but look at her, you can tell she's a slut."
"Point being...?"
"Point is she's a complete cumass."

"Some chick walked up to me at school the other day and asked me to sign a petition. So i was like alright, what's it for? and she said that it was for the gay club. So I asked if the petition was supporting the gay club or if it was against the gay club, and she said it supported the club. So i said fuck that i'm not supporting those fucking cumbasses
teddy is a cumass
by teddy is a gayman October 09, 2003

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