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A person who accepts cum on or in them like a bucket.
Hey, cum bucket, let me unleash my massive white load on your face.
by JizzManiac September 23, 2009
102 47
A bucket of cum, commonly used term for women like Paris Hilton.
"Did you see that chick doing a lineup at the last party? Total cumbucket"
by Aoife Brady August 26, 2007
108 60
A female who's only mission in life is to lay on her back and get fucked.
That stupid cum bucket didn't come home last night.
by Catdick of North Highlands April 23, 2010
76 39
a person who is such a slut that they can be metaphorically represented as follows: as being a bucket which collects the ejaculate of thousands of soldiers who have not seen their wives/girlfriends for years. If every soldier (amongst thousands) was ordered to ejaculate into a bucket, this bucket would represent that slut.
Holy Shit...that bitch is quite the cumbucket
by B514 December 05, 2006
86 62
A sexual partner you have no regard for other then a reciptical for your sperm.
"I just broke up with my 'cumbucket'"
by J-SYS February 27, 2008
55 33
A female(or male)who loves holding cum within their holes. They are the human equivalent of a spermbank.
In other words they are a Holly Betch
That chick over there has been nailed by like 15 guys at once
Yeah shes a total cumbucket.
That guy over there is such a man whore.
Is he a cumbucket?
by Platypus<3 November 16, 2008
50 29
A dirty whore who is filled with so much jizzwad its oozing out their cum bucket eyeballs.
A cum bucket whore like cryztal who shows off her titties
by Jackint it. Off November 06, 2007
54 43