-a girl who drinks large amounts of semen on a regurlar basis

-a girl obssessed with having her belly filled with cum

amy felt like such a cumslut as she rubbed her bulging semen filled tummy
by amy September 24, 2003
Top Definition
A woman who loves to have men shoot load after load of hot cum all over her body. She will beg men to give her what she needs.
Kathy is such a fuckin cum slut. She let 7 different man cum on and in her at the party. It was all over her face and tits and she still wanted more.
by btld August 10, 2007
A girl or woman who loves sperm. A connoisseur of cum. One who is fascinated by the rhythmic expulsion of cum from a cock, by its gelatinous texture, the feel of it on her tongue, its smell, and its taste. A female who is fascinated by the power of cum to impregnate. One who loves to receive large volumes of sperm inside her from any source. One who spends her days and nights in a continual quest for males who can provide her with large volumes of thick, tenacious, opalescent jism.
She was a cum slut with an exceptional appetite for sperm and she didn't much care where it came from. Although cum sluts crave cum in any orifice, my friend likes to drink a cupful through a straw. Like many cum sluts she also likes it as a dressing on noodles, salad, sushi etc. Some cum sluts brush their teeth with the elixir of life.
by O'Flagherty January 19, 2007
A girl who has been completely sheltered her whole childhood, from anything sexual. When said girl gets to go off to college, she then finds herself driven mad by the desire to drink down as much of that delicious love juice as possible...mmm
poor Ana was so sheltered as a child that when she had her first cock sucking experiance, she was immediatly turned into a cock-sucking cum slut. aka, me
by Ana Natile May 02, 2006
loose woman or slut, especially one who likes ejaculatory fluid
That cumslut will suck like a Hoover, swallow, lick her lips, and turn 3 degrees counter-clockwise to suck off guy #37.
by Prp Guy April 04, 2006
A cumslut can be a wife who has discovered that she loves the taste and feel of her husbands cum. She loves to make her husband jump in pleasure as she sucks the cum out of his cock. She can have an orgasm just from having cum shot all over her face. She loves to have cum anywhere on her body, or in it. She loves to lick it up and swallow it down, wherever on her body it may have splashed. She loves to turn her husband on by being his cumslut.
Mark 924 who is very happy that his wife has discovered that she is indeed a cumslut wife.
by Mark924 July 21, 2009
A "cum slut" is a girl or guy that can't get enough cum. Pretty much a slut.
Gerry shut the fuck up, you're such a cum slut.
Look at all those cum sluts wish i could slip one in them.
by Toro April 25, 2003
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