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A gay sex act, wherein one man ejaculates over the penis of his partner, who then uses it as lubrication to assist in the anal penetration which then follows.
Lee shot his load over Anthony's throbbing member. Anthony immediately lifted Lee's legs high in the air and, positioning his freshly-moistened pork-sword on his boyfriend's starfish said "I'm gonna cum fuck you SO hard..."
by LimaUK June 08, 2006
40 31
A guy or girl that likes to fuck or have sex with their own cum or someone else's cum. Can also apply to someone who is on speed or who has dropped an E that is able to produce loads of pre-cum to self-lubricate the fuck hole!
"Did you see how Barry cum-fucked that street whore?"

"First I'm gonna cum on your hard cock and then you can cum-fuck my tight little pussy!"

"That nasty little fuck Mikie was cum-fucking the arse out of a guy on the fire escape!"

"Last night I was cum-fucked!"
by The Moody Poet August 02, 2006
85 42
Cumfuck is the process when a group of 2 or more people continue with sex after both have had orgasms. This makes the sex more enjoyable as due to the amounts of cum slushing about, it lubricates the vagina, or anus, and makes the entire experience more pleasurable, and wet.
After several long hours of cumfuck, we had completely redecorated the dining room.
by THE SEX GOD 69 November 19, 2010
13 8
The remaining two stokes after a man has ejaculated and believes he has three of more pushes but all he manages to do is nudge the cum.
To push the sperm with your penis a cum fuck
by Nikjet September 20, 2011
1 3
1. a woman who just recieved anal intercourse and a licks the seminal residue off her partner's penis.
2. a man who has just recieved an ejacualtion upon him.
3. to consume a vat of seminal fluid.
4. a person who has been beaten to a pulp, bleeding from all orfaces, therefore appearing slimy like seminal fluid.
Veronica is a cumfuck due to the fact that she enjoys swallowing large amounts of cum.

by F. Harris September 18, 2006
15 21