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The act of jizzing in ones hand and then using the cum to beat off your friends cock. Usually the person is gay or your just both really horny.
Nick D.: I am horny but i have no girl friend.
Bobby: Me to.
Nick D.: Lets California cum fuck.
Bobby: What!?
Nick D.: I will whack off and jiz in my hand then give you a hand job.
Bobby: OK but keep it quite.
Nick D.: OK here we go.
#cum #handjob #jizz #gay #homo #horny
by kittylitter123 September 13, 2009
The act of blowing your load on a black girl so she looks white. Therefore she is a "Black girl gone white".
Bobby: Sheniqua is a black girl gone white.
Billy: What?
Bobby: Ya last night i fucking cummed all over her face and she turned white.
#black #white #cummed on #facial #load #blowing
by kittylitter123 September 13, 2009
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