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Cugly is Cute + Ugly (like fugly) Similar to the French "belle-laid" which is "beautiful-ugly."
Though Marissa didn't like dogs, she couldn't resist adopting her boyfriend Lester's shar pei when he was unexpectedly asked to be a guest of the State and had to give up the pooch. Fideaux was cugly with his wrinkly face and corrugated neck, and Marissa found she loved the rascal as much as that scamp Lester who was doing 10 to 15 for internet scamming old ladies out of their retirement pensions.
by Luigi August 15, 2004
21 6
Cute and ugly at the same time, for instance, bats, mice, rats, some kinds of owls, and of course human beings.
I think bats are cugly.
by Martin Peck March 27, 2008
6 0
a combination of cute and ugly
Some babies are cugly
by monkey_bubbles October 16, 2007
1 0
A word for being Cody ugly
That chick is so cugly I wouldn't do her with a paper bag on
by Igotuback June 27, 2013
0 0
Cute and ugly.
1. He's cugly, he's cute but at the same time he's ugly!
by Natalie Marcom December 03, 2006
3 4