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(Noun) the act of cuddling after sex in the inverted or "69" position. Said activity usually leads to another round of sex.
After making love to my girlfriend we embraced in cuddlingus and were having sex again 5 minutes later.
by VoodooRay October 14, 2014
Two or more individuals lazily cuddling while leisurely lounging. Most cuddlingus situations imply a sexual tension.
Last night after closing I hung out with Carlisle's bartender, I thought we were just going to watch awesome movies... turns out she was looking for a bit of cuddlingus!
by The Sporadicals October 17, 2013
the act of cuddling with someones mouth
Jerry: hey man last night i gave this bitch the ole cuddlingus

Ben: man thats nuts did she want it?

Jerry: no but i gave it to her anyways lalalala
by Slick Dick Rick February 01, 2008
the word for cows giving oral
bessy was givin' old beefy cuddlingus
by bulumboshamanaka January 20, 2008
the word for bulls giving cows oral
old beefy was givin' bessy cuddlingus
by bulumboshamanaka January 20, 2008
Touching, feeling, cuddling and talking.
I gave him a text message and asked him over for a little cuddlingus.
by Kari O January 10, 2008
The act of cuddling, spooning, or snuggling. When two or more people lay down in an intertwined fashion.
Guy: "Aright, so now that i busted my nut, I'm gonna be out."

Lady: "You're not getting out of here without giving me some cuddlingus."
by tazzat January 11, 2008
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