A cuddle session involving more than two people or pets.
My girlfriend and dog joined me in a giant cuddle puddle when I got home from work.
by Hardnuutz13 November 05, 2014
the act of relieving oneself of all muscle tension in the comfort of a couch. works preferably with a partner and/or group.
Man I had the sweetest cuddlepuddle with my girl last night.
by korthica June 12, 2010
what is left on the bed after making love to a "squirter"
I met this super hot chick last night, and we had the most awesome sex, but then I had to go out & buy a new mattress because there was an enormous cuddle puddle!
by CLP7 May 05, 2014
The collection of sex juices left on the bed sheets after having sex. Sex is the form of intense cuddling.
Having sex seated will creat a good wet spot on your sheets. That's a cuddle puddle
by ndizz February 19, 2014
When you cum on your bed and cuddle afterwards
Ben and Andy had a cuddle puddle after Ben's pullout game went all over the bed.
by Drizzt627 November 28, 2015
G-Rated orgy, a pile of cuddles
-hey man you coming to the cuddle puddle.
-hell yeah man.
by jeffstrongman February 27, 2015
When you are the big spoon in a cuddling session and your arm is stuck under the other person, but you have to pee but you can't get up because your arm is stuck. Therefore you pee yourself and make, a cuddle puddle.
Dude, last night we were cuddling and I couldn't get up to piss and I made a cuddle puddle.
by Ayeitsdelrey January 30, 2015
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