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Cuddle Puddle (n.) - An extended period of time during which two or more individuals come together in a warm fuzzy heap on a couch/under a blanket and watch movies and/or play games together whilst snuggling.
Me: I'm so stressed out! What can I do?!

Friend: Let's schedule a cuddle puddle tonight at 8! We can watch chick flicks and play rummy!

Me: Great! I need someone to snuggle me!
by Jek-Jek Marie September 17, 2011
what is left on the bed after making love to a "squirter"
I met this super hot chick last night, and we had the most awesome sex, but then I had to go out & buy a new mattress because there was an enormous cuddle puddle!
by CLP7 May 05, 2014
The collection of sex juices left on the bed sheets after having sex. Sex is the form of intense cuddling.
Having sex seated will creat a good wet spot on your sheets. That's a cuddle puddle
by ndizz February 19, 2014
A cuddle puddle is when 3 or more people and 1 or more animals cuddle anywhere and everywhere. It is a lot like spooning.
One day Megan was playing MW3 cuddling with Zyla when the other Megan came home and began to cuddle with her and Zyla, then Otis the cat decided to come join, meow. Soon after Korey walked in and said "Let's make this a cuddle puddle ladies!" and joined into the puddle of cuddle.

(i.e. this is not an orgy... yet)
by Pussy_Power69 December 11, 2011
My wife and I are so in love, and in tune with each other that each night we both hold each other in the cuddle puddle after sex.
by thurstyg March 04, 2010
A euphemism for the post-coital wet spot, where circumstance (think college-sized twin bed), necessity (think passing out drunk), or love (think box on demand) requires your after sex cuddling to take place on the wet spot.
Q: "Dude, what was it like hooking up with Jana last night?"

A: "Fantastic. Before last night, I thought the only thing that tight and wet was the water seal at an amusement park. But she did make me sleep in the cuddle puddle, which sucked."
by The Original ARy July 10, 2007
Cum or Vaginal fluid left on a bed, seat, floor, etc. after sex.
I hope you guys didn't leave a cuddle puddle in my bed!
by Jerry November 18, 2004