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(n.) a pet name, i.e. honey, sweetie, sugar tits
(n.) the person you snuggle with, as in a boyfriend or girlfriend
"I love you, cuddle bunny!"
"I'm so cold and lonely... I need a cuddle bunny."
by whoadude January 26, 2007
someone who is good for cuddling, sexual implications or not, but usually not. has cute connotations.
"Hey, you coming over later?" - Person A
"Sure, see ya tonight." - Cuddlebunny
"Oh, so are you guys..." - Person B
"Nah, we're just cuddlebuddies." - Person A
by coolwhep September 30, 2009
(n.) A female who only talks to certain men when she is in need of emotional support.
(n.) Someone who wants to hang out with someone as a couple, but only in the privacy of their homes. Sex will never be had, and the most anyone can hope for is a boob touch.
Man 1: "Sarah is coming over tonight, I think she'll finally sleep with me!"
Man 2: "Nah man, you know she's a total cuddle bunny."
by toolittlechocolate January 25, 2015
Somebody thats fuckin super hott with a huge dick; ussually an italian, that cuddles very well.
That hott stud Eazy is Walshys cuddlebunny.
by Daniel (Eazy) Stanzione February 06, 2004

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