Acronym for Corporate Ugly Duckling Syndrome.
"Manager Bobo is commiting CUDS with employee Randy".
In other words, the manager is basically isolating the employee and making the employee out to be an ugly duckling such as commenting on the employees hygene, calling them crazy or wierd for the purposes of humilation (Job Harrassement).
by xwebi November 10, 2009
Top Definition
boy version of a slut
girl: omg he snogged that girl the first day they met

girl 2: ikr he is such a cud

girl 3: he just grabbed her and started kissing her

girl 2: eww what a cud
by abijabie November 09, 2013
Adjective for male ejaculate
She swallowed my cud
by Anky June 26, 2016
1. (noun) Food that has been chewed then swallowed then regurgitated then chewed again.

2. (noun) Replacement for curse words such as hell or fuck.

3. (verb) Also used as a replacement for curse words but is used in verb form.
1. Rod: " Hey Jake what is that cow chewing?"
Liam: " I believe he is chewing cud made from grass."

2. Cory: "What the cud does that little cheab think he's doing?!?"

3. Jake: "What was he cudding thinking when he bought that CCS griptape."
by ROD!!! September 28, 2011
A slang term for friend, Usually consist of a gangster handshake while saying it.
1:What up Cud?
2:Nm Holmes.
by Willy Outcelt February 04, 2008
Citing Urban Dictionary
It's okay to CUD. You can definitely cite urban dictionary if you damn well please.
by not that ryan January 13, 2014
Civil-unionised: legalse for samesex marriage.
C.u.'d/ cu'd or simply 'unionised'... eh, 'couple'.
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
A boy/girl that is real fit
Woah Abi is Cuds! And so is Erin!
by fit April 10, 2008
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