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a gaped, ragged out anus; a loose asshole
Todd's such a slut, not to mention a "total bottom"... I'm sure that, by now, his asshole looks like a distended tube sock. You know, like when the threads of an older sock begin to loosen, and it will no longer maintain it's position when pulled up the leg.
by w0nderb0ydp74 February 08, 2010
a nonchalant way of refering to HIV, usually stated "the hivs". Originating as a play on "the hives", or the statement "...broke out with a case of the hives".
Cunty Queen #1- "Oh....my....GOD! I just realized I haven't seen that bitch Dante at the bath house lately. I wonder if the twat is still breathing..."

Cunty Queen #2- "Girrrrrl, how 'bout I heard the bitch done broke out with a case of the hivs."
by w0nderb0ydp74 February 22, 2010
noun- vulgar slang term for a woman's vagina
Brad beat Angelina's cud for hours last night. I'll bet it's black and blue now.
by w0nderb0ydp74 February 08, 2010
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