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Vietnamese word for shit or poop.
That's one big pile of cuc!
by bbui September 01, 2007
A cuc is short for Cucumber.
Honey, can you go get me a 3 Tomatoes and 5 Cucs. I am planning on making a fruit salad.
by Soarindude April 21, 2011
French faggots forum like superfuture in worst in French.

Notable members:

Vitaminelle aka the magician
Gotcha aka Purple Supras
BN aka Fuck yeah SWAG!
Arnold aka "Pends toi!"
Jince aka Creepers
topikeur aka newfag admin
Alexd aka ginger
Leit aka pedobear photographer
Bouga aka French lover
Newfag : What denim should I buy?
Oldfag : APC

Newfag: What shoes should I buy?
Oldfag : Common projects / Clarks

Man it's the CUC uniform
by lolawut April 26, 2012
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