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Cubans are a rich a cultrural race and even though some may think were cocky or racist we are not that is also a stereotype. We are Latin Americans who decend from White, Black, or Asian decent. We dont think that other races are belows we are just proud of what we are and are not afraid to show it. I have never heard any other Latin Race call us backstabbers and I'm friends with Puerto Ricans, Guatamalins, Mexicans, Blacks, Whites, Asians you name it and they dony think any less of me as i do them we are all equal with cultures and traditions. I'm Cuban and gave never had one racist though or idea that I'm better than any other. We pride ourselves on what we are and our History. Also the Idea that Puerto Rico stole out flag is false it was adopted by them when both Cubans and Puerto Ricans were workign togethor to free themselves from Spanish Rule the Puerto Ricans took it as a sing of graditude and changed the colors.
Random Guy 1: Hey what Race are you?

Random Guy 2: Oh I'm Cuban You?

Random Guy 1: I'm Puerto Rican.

Random Guy 2: Thats cool were you born there?
by Cubanito789 June 10, 2010

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