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- showing arrogance

- see british
Those brits are so supercilious with their noses in the air.
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
More or less literally, raising one's eyebrow in disdain. Often this is combined with raising the nose and chin as though smelling or seeing something offensive. Used to express contempt and superiority.
Lord Cyril expressed his low opinion of Reggie's Socialist rant with a supercilious sneer.
by Marchbanks May 02, 2004
Supercilious means full of arrogance and acting like one doesn't care at all and is indifferent, as if that person is a royal King or Queen.
In the ingenious SAT prep book "Up Your Score" the example sentence for supercilious goes: "The supercilious person said, "I am perfect, but you are a super silly ass."
by Adel7 December 02, 2007
adj. See George W. Bush.
I heard George W. Bush can't pronounce his own nickname: "supercilious." And spell it? Hah!
by marco April 08, 2005

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