long distance swimmers
Miami Fl, 6:30a.m...

Its a fish! Its a boat! No its a cuban!
by smileyone May 29, 2009
Cuban people are resilient, warm, open and genuine, despite the clear and obvious struggles they have in daily life; and their culture is homogeneous, despite its multiracial ethnicity. Cubans are very good at sports as well. They make for some of the best baseball players and boxers in the world. Winning many world titles and 6 of 8 Gold Medals in boxing in last years olympics.

Someone can not help but recognize how proud Cubans are of their culture. Cubans, unlike some other Latin races, hold pride in their hearts and teach it well to their children. One thing Cubans are not keen on doing is strapping their flag on everything they own. Cubans are amongst the proudest of Latin people, but do not need to show it by tapping their flag to the hoods of their cars. Of all the Latin races, Cubans are the most successful in America. They hold titles such as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and Judges.

Cubans have overcome the fact that just because they are a minority, it doesn’t mean they cannot become successful. After coming from a country with nothing, they are some of the few people in America that do not take freedom for granted.
Cubans are the creators of Many forms of Latin music, such as:

Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Rumba, Son, Tango, Guajira, Música campesina, Batá and yuka, Timba, and Many More!
by Carlos Monte November 15, 2005
Cubans are a rich a cultrural race and even though some may think were cocky or racist we are not that is also a stereotype. We are Latin Americans who decend from White, Black, or Asian decent. We dont think that other races are belows we are just proud of what we are and are not afraid to show it. I have never heard any other Latin Race call us backstabbers and I'm friends with Puerto Ricans, Guatamalins, Mexicans, Blacks, Whites, Asians you name it and they dony think any less of me as i do them we are all equal with cultures and traditions. I'm Cuban and gave never had one racist though or idea that I'm better than any other. We pride ourselves on what we are and our History. Also the Idea that Puerto Rico stole out flag is false it was adopted by them when both Cubans and Puerto Ricans were workign togethor to free themselves from Spanish Rule the Puerto Ricans took it as a sing of graditude and changed the colors.
Random Guy 1: Hey what Race are you?

Random Guy 2: Oh I'm Cuban You?

Random Guy 1: I'm Puerto Rican.

Random Guy 2: Thats cool were you born there?
by Cubanito789 June 10, 2010
A person from the island of Cuba or from Cuban ancestry, who pretends for the US to learn Spanish instead of learning English.

An individual that heated Fidel Castro and his regime but circumvents the embargo by going to Cuba via Grand Cayman, Jamaica or Cancun.

A group of individuals who is convinced that Miami would be nothing without them.

An individual who spends all day listening to Radio Mambi awaiting the fall of Castro’s regime.
Sign at a store in Miami reads: "English is spoken here."
A cuban was purchasing something at a store and was upset because clerk did not speak Spanish, He pretended for that person to learn Spanish, instead of him learning the language of the country he lives in.
by hi8ha December 06, 2008
1. someone who builds rafts and floats to america and are protected by the wet-foot dry-foot law. mexicans and other spanish people can bee confused for them because they also hitch rides with these people

2. a nationality that for some reason other hispanics are insulted for being called one
1. if you want an example so damn bad go to a floridian boat shop or hardware store and i would bet you 1/2 a grand theres at least one cuban working there

2. man #1: hey are you colombian
man #2: no
man #1: are you cuban?
man #2: imma kick your bitchass im puerto rican
(man #1 gets his ass rided up by a bunch of puerto ricans and gets dthe shit beaten outta him)
man #2: bitch dont call me that. that an insult.
by aniggathatlovesgurlsweed&money March 08, 2009
Loud brown or pale people in which the males think they are ''Macho-Men'' and the females tend to wear huge hoop earrings and tight clothing with sneakers and a load of colorful make-up. They spend time slaughtering animals as sacrifices such as smelly chickens and goats, watching Hispanic television, or criticizing other men and calling them gay or pussies when in fact, they are not.
Ex. 1
Random Cuban man: OYEE QUE BOLA ASERE!!!!
Typical person: Yup, He's Cuban.

Ex. 2
Random Cuban man: Yap! He gay! He pussy an' no want to _____.
Typical person: Who the fuck invited him?


Typical Invited guest: That's fake and it's trash. Only Cubans watch that shit.
by ThePotatoPeople January 29, 2011
Cubans are Loud brown or pale people in which originally came from Cuba, Then fleeing to South Florida in a raft or inner tube. The males think that they are ''Macho-Men'' and accuse other individuals (other men) for being ''Pussies'' or most commonly ''Gay'', When in fact, they are not.

Cuban Women too, are Loud, and spend most time cleaning, cooking, and watching Hispanic television such as Univision or Telemundo. They wear ridiculously huge hoop earrings, colorful make-up, and tight bright clothing with sneakers or sandals including tied hair in a bun.

In Florida, 98% of Cubans and Cuban-Americans are found in Hialeah, were you can find cheap Cuban stores such as Valsan, and find cheap Cuban styled clothing at a pathetically low price. Dollar stores are at every corner, and traffic is non-stop.

Cubans have a religion that is mainly of raising and sacrificing animals such as smelly chicken or goat, and having an outrageous amount of stone ''gods'' in one room that includes rotting fruits, animal limbs, cake, candy, Machetes, a Virgin Mary statue, a San Lazaro statue, Poker cards and other ridiculous objects that churn your stomach when put altogether in one small room or corner.

(This information does not apply to every Cuban, Obviously. Just the majority)
Cuban male: OYEE!! QUE BOLA, MENG!
Individual: Yep, He's Cuban.

Me: I hate my Dad.
Me: Cuz' He's cuban.
Freind: Oh Duh.

Individual: That's trash.

Ex. 4
Individual: Who the fuck invited him?
by The Banana Girl January 29, 2011
Cubans are a race of people who do not think they are the best WE KNOW WE ARE THE BEST!! We usually stick to our own. We have tried to carry a civilized conversation with someone out of our race and long behold you remind us why we do not socialize outside of work with people out of our race. We are happy in love with our island people. We DO HATE fidel castro. Our elders have million of stories of "The Golden Years" It's like being born with spices in your blood,
And being named after your papi's favorite cigars.
It's getting diamonds pierced in you ears at five days,
Wearing Royal Violets perfume everyday until age 15,
And throwing a 15th birthday party that cost your parents
more than your first car.

It's loving Marti and hating Castro.
Lighting candles at mass for La Caridad and Celia Cruz.
It's having to kiss every Cuban cheek like you're related.
It's looking European, but feeling Caribbean,
And seething inside while smiling politely when someone asks if you're Puerto Rican.

It's having black beans and plantains with every meal.
Meals at every party, parties for any occasion.
It's serving your skinny uncle piles of lechon on Nochebuena,
While your three hundred pound aunt sips at a mojito.
It's learning to dance salsa from your papi or your abuelito,
And knowing the difference between a guajira and a guaracha.

It's loving the hot, humid air of Miami, and hating hurricanes.
Drinking cortaditos and dealing with chaperones.
It's talking too fast in English and running your words together in Spanish. And being madly in love...
With a restless island you haven't seen in many many many years.
Cuban, Cubano, the best, the shit, WOW, All Cubans are the shit.
by Gineska Ferras November 29, 2005

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