Chill The Fuck Out

He Needs to CTFO
by nick4486 January 19, 2011
Chill The Fuck Out
Nikola says CTFO or imma give you a spankin lol
by jlove5 October 12, 2010
Come to find out.
I though we had to work till 4, but ctfo, I get off at 3.
by jcsunag September 24, 2010
cee•tee•eff•oh. interjection. An expression of disappointment or disgust at the idiocy, douche-baggery, or general reprehensibility of others, acronimized from "Come the f* on."
"Did he really think we wouldn't notice that he copied two whole paragraphs from Wikipedia? CTFO."
by logolicious November 06, 2009
CTFO is an acronym for Chill The Fuck Out. It was popularized as an everyday term by a Washington DC resident named Bryce, who attends the Maret School. Others may try to take credit, but Bryce actually did invent and popularize this phrase, after the surge in popularity of WTF. You are supposed to pronounce every letter in the word (ex: see tee ef oh)
Where the hell are we supposed to be?
CTFO, we'll find it

by felix sexy cat September 26, 2005
Chap the Fuck Out.

To freak out and loose ones cool.
Man1. Mr Salad is doing his nut again, what did you do to him this time?
Man2. Me? Nothing, he caught his baldy half inch roll back in his flies.
Man1. It's funny as fuck when he CTFO.
Man2. Word.
by Jimmy Bald Prick October 20, 2009
Crashed the f*ck out!
Man, she is CTFO!!
by nicki-licious May 02, 2009

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