Come The Fuck On!
If Someone says something totally riduculous, you respond with CTFO.
by Gordo G. November 19, 2010
Chill The Fuck out

(a varient of ctfd invented seperately)
Phil: I don't man i'm just going to kill myself. she spt with him man!
Chris: Wow Man CTFO youll be fine
by PB SLAPPER June 23, 2010
chill the fuck out
ctfo ho!
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
An abbreviation for 'Chill The Fuck Out.' Used in situations when a friend(or anyone) needs to calm down.

Similar to ctfd- Calm The Fuck Down
Greg: "Taariq you stole my fucking word! You're a fucking arsehole!"

Taariq: "Ctfo bro! I credited you in an example sentence."
by Zaphod77 June 22, 2014
chill the fuck out
Girl: OMG, It's Justin Bieber!! he's so hot, I'm gonna marry him! OMG!

Guy: wtf. ctfo
by Leynie December 14, 2010
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