Chuckle to death. It's the new alternative to LOL or laughing out loud. ROF may be added on to form ROFCTD.
*finishing a joke*
Jonny: ..then you're a gay fish.
Carl: CTD!!!
Sepo: CTD!!
by Merlingoth September 21, 2009
n. (noun) Computer Transmitted Disease. Receiving a computer virus from a friend or significant other via link, e-mail, etc.
Leigh: Tracy gave me a link to watch this movie and my computer started acting crazy as hell.

Josh: Maybe the link she sent you gave you a CTD.
by CS JW March 10, 2009
The abreviation for Cellular Talking Device, in other words, a cell phone. It is used when saying cell phone simply takes too long and you are looking for a faster way to say it.
OMG! I can't find my CTD. Do you know where it is?
by Brilliant Betty January 18, 2007
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