Crash Test Dummy
An extremely disgusting person, who looks like Buster from Myth Busters after an unbelievably ugly test
by BØDEN January 25, 2010
Cellularly Transmitted Disease, like an STD but for cellphones. CTD's can only be obtained by receiving a dirty pic.
Man that dude totally gave me a CTD last night after the party.
by CrAzYdInGo November 15, 2009
Chuckle to death. It's the new alternative to LOL or laughing out loud. ROF may be added on to form ROFCTD.
*finishing a joke*
Jonny: ..then you're a gay fish.
Carl: CTD!!!
Sepo: CTD!!
by Merlingoth September 21, 2009
Camera Transmitted Disease. Caused by web-cam whore's that have web cam sex a lot.
OMG. I don't want to cyber with you, I might catch a CTD.
by Will Wonder May 09, 2009
Abbreviation for "cunts these days".
Your friend: That bitch got with my boyfriend!!
You: CTD...
by allihaveismycats October 12, 2011
Acronym for Cummins Turbo Diesel
I got smoked out by a CTD last night, I couldn't see for a quarter mile!
by ISBoy October 01, 2007
Unofficial medical acronym for a person who is about to die. The acronym stands for "Circling The Drain". Using this acronym on a medical report, under certain circumstances, can get one fired instantaneously. (There is an official use for "CTD": it really stands for "Carpal Tunnel Decompression".)
Ms. Kendricks, you're fired! You're the one who wrote "CTD" on the coroner's report!
by pentozali February 06, 2006

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