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Nineties folk rock at its finest. Sample hits include "Swimming in your Ocean" and "Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm".

Mitch Dorge is also an awesome drummer. Oh and they're Canadian. Rock on.
Crash Test Dummies rule.
by MrKapper July 02, 2006
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An ugly person without any romantic value that is not in any part in your social circle that you can just experiment and exercise your dating and sexual abilities in private with and without it insulting your dating reputation.
"Dude, why is he with that fugly chick"?

"Oh, that's just his crash test dummy. He's warming up for his date with Elizabeth".
by Walter Phillips October 29, 2011
Someone who is mentally and physically usless, stupid, clumsy and generally a dumb ass or imbecile is know as a crash test dummy.
Look at will falling down the steps. God he is such a stupid ass crash test dummy.
by saharadryhumor January 15, 2015
Prison Slang - The individual that is required to perform illegal acts against the prison guards or authorities as required by the prison heirarchy.
Tony is going on a crash test dummy mission to punish that guard. He's going to start a fight with him.
by EmichG August 30, 2007
The only job you will ever get, I hope you have medical insurance
A look there goes that Crash test dummy
by ac March 14, 2004
A five member band orginating out of WPG mb, famous for MMM He likes to feel it and Superman Song
The Crash Test Dummies are one of Canada's forgotten musical genious, the lead singer has a bartone singing voice like Leanord Cohen
by Miss Victoria January 06, 2007
A sexual act performed while driving a motor vehicle. The male driver is being reversed straddled by the female passenger. Just before he blows his load, he slams on the brakes and forces her head into the steering wheel making the horn sound.
Cindy had a massive headache after I made her my Crash Test Dummy.
by Larry and Vince October 06, 2003

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