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Cryabetes is characterized by an accute and sudden need to cry like a bitch. Often victims must test their blood-tear level with a lancet for sadness. Type-2 cryabetes is often contracted from those that have lost family members, or are just being a pussy.
I'm sorry Abraham lost his mother and all, but did he really have to contract cryabetes?
by daveycius May 23, 2006
Similar jesting insult to whambulance, taking crybaby one step further. Popularized by drew of toothpastefordinner fame.
looks like SOMEONE has cryabetes

do you need a lancet, little cryabetic? how about a urine test strip for sadness??
by yhelotharbuttsekz March 02, 2006
Some one who constantly sheds tears regarding the fact that have contracted diabetes.
Lad: Is everything alright young man? why the tears?
Boy: It's because I have diabetes.
Lad: I'm afraid you've got cryabetes, son.
by LowBloodSugar March 22, 2012
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