To place a bare ass, in an unsuspecting persons face and farting.
Dat splatter on T-bones face is from a crusty, Dogg!
Fo shizzel my nizzel krizzle drizzle!
by Bang'n September 13, 2005
Usually describes a person,place or thing that appears to be in either bad shape or form.
Did you see that girl's lips they were so crusty

that house we visited was extremly Crusty

What a Crusty piece of bread
by Neekay May 05, 2007
someone who played one year of freshman basketball, then stopped playing and even though he sucked, his presence was missed; someone who throws sissy punches
Joe: you're a crusty butt-fuck
John: shut up *punch*
by the master of words May 17, 2006
something or someone that is cool, hip, etc.
Angel is one crusty vato!
by Alaab April 13, 2008
a guy who is crusty. someone who is dirty looking, someone that you would not talk to.
"unh uhh girl that boy is crusty. i just wanna hit him with some body spray."
by litwiinka December 28, 2007
the gunk that forms in the corners of your lips after drinking a bottle of gatorade
No one said anything, so Billy played the whole game with red crusties on his face
by footballfiend5 February 07, 2009
When an arsehole is not correctly wiped and after a few hours the left over excrement goes dry and crusty, thus leavin crusties attached to bum hair.(note after exercise sweat may cause these to dissolve and let off an unpleasant smell)
He was in a rush and did not wipe his ass properly, after his nightly training he realised a real bad smell was comin from his rear end. and thn said to his friends "oh shit i hav crusties"
by fritz69 May 14, 2007

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