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When you take a crap on a pillow and smear a person's face around in it. Then you force the person to let it harden on their face.
Dude, I don't think i can sleep in a bed anymore, that crusty potato ruined it for me.
by sshhaawwttaayyy January 06, 2010
When you stick you crusty toe into the homo-sapiens mouth while they are asleep.
My cousin Zac gave my other cousin Steven a Crusty Potato.
by nunya February 25, 2005
The guy eats out the girl while she's on her period. He lets the blood dry on his face, then peels off the 'crusty potato.'
I wonder if that guy knows he forgot to peel his crusty potato?
by SirDumpsalot October 02, 2007

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