bit, a little piece or part. a tiney thing....
u aint gonna get a crumb from me cuz im from da streets...
by Dr.DRE November 19, 2004
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some bald headed, fat bellyed, 2 ft tall cunt.. who shits the bed !!
look at www.faceparty.com/crumbie
by thatch July 27, 2004
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Someone who is a lower member of a group, click, clan, tribe, gang etc. The ugly member of the group. The less popular person of the group.
This crumb was shouting at me like he was my boss.
by Malick Kilkenny December 24, 2008
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What TinTin yelps when he orgasms from being buggered by Captain Haddock
"Oh, ooo, ah, argh, ohohohoh, CRUMBS!!"
by Angus June 17, 2004
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Form of an action; when someone lays in bed all day and does nothing. ie: can't get out of bed, too tired or lazy.
I'm a crumb today.
by jerseystrong77 April 27, 2014
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She needs to wipe those crumbs off her face. If she wants to laugh with us then Bitch should join the convo. She's looking like the Cookie Monster over 'dere.
by KeezyWBaby June 09, 2011
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The little bits of CRACK that crack heads always want..
Crackhead says "Gimme Crumb"
Dealer says "Get yo ass outta here"
by LA joe May 19, 2005
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