One who acts in a disturbingly weird and slightly psychotic manor. Will tend to say very strange and random things no one else finds funny except for other crumbs.. Crumbs can be seen with harry potter shit written on their converse, dressing up as the Darien Lake guy, and randomly conducting music no one else hears. A Crumb will often call other people crumbs, in turn making them an even bigger crumb. Crumbs can be found annoying but are very often misunderstood.
William:What the hell is written on your shoe?
Maggie: Nothing
William: Does that say I love harry Potter?
Maggie: Yeah, STFU!
William: *sighs* crumb
by I made up the word crumb! September 20, 2008
Like in the movie "Twins" with Arnold and Danny DeVito. It is when there is a set of Non Identical twins, and one of the twins seems to get all the good genetic code. The other one is left with crumbs, or can be called Crumbs.
Yo, what up Crumbs! Where's your fine sister?
Someone who is a lower member of a group, click, clan, tribe, gang etc. The ugly member of the group. The less popular person of the group.
This crumb was shouting at me like he was my boss.
by Malick Kilkenny December 24, 2008
What TinTin yelps when he orgasms from being buggered by Captain Haddock
"Oh, ooo, ah, argh, ohohohoh, CRUMBS!!"
by Angus June 17, 2004
chunks of toejam or food left in your belly button that have decomposed so that you can literally eat them without gettting food poisoning!
kid: mom! these crumbs i found are really really really really.. really soggy and tasty!
by chiknstu June 10, 2006
To hang out at one's home for a prolonged period of time without doing anything productive.
I was crumbing so hard at the crib until Lindsay Lohan told me she wanted to make a sex tape and it motivated me to leave the house.
by mesa g. July 21, 2010
The little bits of CRACK that crack heads always want..
Crackhead says "Gimme Crumb"
Dealer says "Get yo ass outta here"
by LA joe May 19, 2005

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