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CRUMB (S) - is a individual(s) who lacks honor,trust,love,morals,good intent,value,effort,respect,loyalty,support,devotion or goodstanding.
Nothing can stop us! aint no love for crumbs.
by ONE BOYS August 31, 2012
16 7
stocked food of various kinds
"easy on the crumbs, fool!"
by Natalie Sosebee November 22, 2004
20 12
Tired, scattered, someone who has had a long night and is feeling raw.
I just like had a big night cos I’m like in a band or I'm a DJ and I woke up and I’m just crumbs, man. I can't move.
by Bonesofthewhitegoods May 11, 2011
15 11
To get high off baked goods containing hash.
I got so crumbed off hash cookies last night!
by Prince Fabian December 07, 2010
17 13
(also crum; krum)
another name for the perineum, the spot between your balls and your asshole
Max: Dude, you're so gay
Brian: Eat my crumb
by superkels October 04, 2010
10 6
1. A soft, small, flesh-colored skin flap on the neck, armpits, or groin 2. A benign skin growth, often found near the anus or on the perineum
Friend #1: "Dude, I finally banged that chick last night."

Friend #2: "Get outta here! She got a crumb?"
by J.J. Kool J. August 03, 2010
35 31
Form of an action; when someone lays in bed all day and does nothing. ie: can't get out of bed, too tired or lazy.
I'm a crumb today.
by jerseystrong77 April 27, 2014
1 0