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One who has protruding front top teeth, which may be likend to the prongs of a crowbar (also, see pegs)
*In exclamation* "whottah crowbar..."
by WingNut September 05, 2003
12 26
n. Girl who looks like she was bashed in the face a couple of times with a crowbar. Synonymous with ugly, bitch, and ugly bitch.

(1) You like that girl? She's a fucking crowbar, man!
by k.nin3 September 02, 2006
5 24
1.noun,an african american social club
Tyrone shoes invited all his friends to the crowbar for a party.
by Walter Balzaki September 25, 2006
2 22
fingering someones butthole, then licking it, then making out with that person, then licking it again.
Isa got crowbarred by some big black guy the other night, and he liked it!
by crackiddy jones December 16, 2006
2 25
Crowbar pwns j00
by Mike Cabary March 27, 2003
5 30