Another word for marijuana or the act of doing marijuana. Usually used as a code word in front of other people.
Hey man we should go use the crowbar later tonight.
Yo did those guys use the crowbar earlier?
by Crowbar man February 17, 2013
To define someone who is not making any sense, or acting stupid, or defining any act of stupidity.
Jack left his card in the ATM machine for the third time, what a crowbar.
by pfunk325 March 14, 2010
usually it is used as a melee type weapon which can be found in gardening or craftsman store. it is used to kill zombies, monsters, and other out of this world creatures. the use of crowbars have saved multiple lives in the past years as it's advance metal technology and the compact shape which can fit in any type of bag.
"dude i almost got killed last night by a witch!!"
"how did you survive?"
"i grabbed da crowbar that was on the ground!"
"dude thats nuts!"
by Mr.shakira December 10, 2009
A random girl you go out to a party with, just so you can get into the party.
Yo, call up that CrowBar Diane, she and her friends can get us into that frat party.
by Nipez November 17, 2010
when you get a hard on be hind something & ur dick bends
BOB - "dude i was looking over the balcony naked and my crowbar bent and went in to hot coffe"

DAN - " that sucks balls"
by i dont need a name to rock November 14, 2008
Getting fucked hard and long, unbelievably crazy sex, screwing all night, hammering the fuck out of a girl, having ridiculously good sex over and over.
Damn did I ever get crow barred all night.
Ya, I crow barred the fuck out of this girl last night, shit was crazy.
I can't wait to crowbar this chick, she knows whats up.
by ThisOnesForTriton April 19, 2012
when one uses their tongue to pry open the anus.
ted's cellmate performed the crowbar on him while he was sleeping.
by ted snieg February 03, 2010
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