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a term used for girls needing to squat to pee. hidden dragon is the peeping tom.
My homegirl needed to do the crouching tiger out on the side of the road since we were too far away from an actually restroom.
by constar630 August 06, 2009
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When a woman pegs her man in the ass, hitting his G-spot, while crouching over to simultaneously suck his dick. While this could be considered a domme act, the incentive is usually for the utmost enhancement of the man's pleasure, i.e., having his G-spot hit while getting head.
Last night I texted Kate telling her I had a stressful day at work. She said she had a special surprise for me. Well, dinner on the table and a massage was great, but once we were in bed, she really made my toes curl with this sex move she called the "crouching tiger." Best orgasm of my life. I picked out a ring at Jared's on lunch break. You can't just not wife that.
by freakylittleblonde20 June 16, 2013
when you get out of the pool and your bottoms are soaking wet so you wrap the towel tightly around your waist and squat down so it squeezes all the water out
My swimsuit bottoms are all wet so im gonna do the crouching tiger.
by thecrouchingtiger June 13, 2011
v. to administer a butt-whipping
Cut that out before I jump over this counter and crouching tiger your ass.
by ironpope November 07, 2003

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