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22 definitions by fucksoid

having sex with the first letter of the alphabet.
Oh yeah, A. Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Alright. Slower. Faster. Medium Speed. To the left. To the right. Flip to your dorsal side. Ok, don't play with that. Stop. I'm being serious. All right, now we got that settled. How do you do that? That's pretty good. Wait... is that your foot? It is. I see. Okay. Excuse me? Are you sure your bellybutton is big enough? All right... whatever you say. Hey let's get B and C in on this! (Squirt)
by fucksoid May 10, 2005
1653 1160
always incredibly gay.
word of the day can lick my gooch!
by fucksoid April 30, 2005
760 278
its when ur having anal with a "girl" and this "girl" in the middle of wht u think is a pleasureable experience drops her balls down and they strike ur balls and penis. tht is crouching tiger hidden balls
o fucking shit, dan jst gave me crouching tiger hidden balls. in the dark he can look like a rly hott girl. i was drunk as shit. i cant believe this happened. now i hav to kil myself.
by fucksoid March 08, 2005
61 24
the best thing known to man
i fucking worship vagina. i'd like to liv in 1.
by fucksoid April 24, 2005
203 173
recieved penis insertion in the ear
dude, that slut just got a cum shot right in the ear, during auditory sex!
by fucksoid February 17, 2005
29 8
when you are taking a massive shit, and the last peice of crap falls out of ur ass flies out with such a great velocity, that the impact on the water produces a splash. if this cold, splash reaches ur asshole, and produces a cold, wet, uncomfortable feeling there, tht is toilet dew.
Dude! i just planetd this enormous shit tht was f ing wicked, when i found myself with a feroious splash and a bad case of toilet dew.
by fucksoid February 18, 2005
14 5
a tile flood is when ur sittin there in the middle of a shit, or recovering the energy you lost taking tht shit, and this random squirt of pee arises. if you cannot push ur penis down towards the toilet in time, ur penis will stick horizontally out, and u wil pee all ovr ur self and ur floor.
o fucking shit! i didnt recognize the pee was there so i didnt put my penis down, and i got a fucking tile leak! i better clean this up.
by fucksoid February 19, 2005
10 2