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Of or pertaining to the region USUALLY housing the genitalia of humans.
He was kicked in his crotchular region.
by Alex Bae June 30, 2005
Apparel that places emphasis on the groin region.

Often such apparel causes high-pitched voice, decreased motor function, and excessive fidgeting.
'These pants are rather crotchular, don't you agree?'

'Do you even want children? then get out of those crotchular pants and into some cotton boxers!'
by Nevo June 16, 2008
A description of one's genital region. Most commonly used in conjuction with the word "region"
Steve's crotchular region was struck by mike's fist after which steve asked mike "what are you doing with your life that's so impressive?"
by Mr. Cumstein May 09, 2005
the crotchular area, better known as your crotch and or the space being occupied between your legs.
dude these pants look awesome but the crotchular area is seriously givin me some issues here
by AndiLeaMissouri December 10, 2010
Pertaining to the area around and including the gentials.
"He had some weird stuff going on the crotchular region, I had to get out of there."
by fearofbirds May 06, 2009
A unisex word for the under-the-pants-organs.
Male use of the word: "Dude, she found me cheating and kicked me in the (crotchular) region"

Female use of the word: "Girl, I was with a hottie lastnight and now my (crotchular) region burns"
by Carla G. December 14, 2007
of or relating to the crotch area
Did you see that hole in Lucy's pants?! It was crotchular!
by Lucy C. September 17, 2006

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