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(1). someone who is defined as a counterproductive procrastinator. They never do what they say their going to as a result of laziness and or just a short attention span.

(2). never following through on a task they have set for themselves due to laziness.

(3). saying their going to do something then changing their mind a few moments later finding every obstacle possible to feed into their constant laziness.
guy: " That snow man is giving me the evils...I'm gunna kick it's ass...but its cold out there so im just gonna play xbox...and the door is locked and im to lazy to deal with that tonight..then i'd have to walk..which is just totally out of the question...i don't even wanna play xbox anymore...im just gonna sit here. i really need to stop being a counterproductive procrastinator one of these days or i'm gonna get nowhere."
by AndiLeaMissouri December 04, 2010
the crotchular area, better known as your crotch and or the space being occupied between your legs.
dude these pants look awesome but the crotchular area is seriously givin me some issues here
by AndiLeaMissouri December 10, 2010

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