A sport bike that is capable of high speeds. Also the term given to motorcycles with a fast 0-60 time.
Ducati 996, Suzuki Hayabusa
by A.R.S. (Anti-Rice-Society) June 23, 2004
sport bike . . . period . . all is explained above
crotch rockets own the street . . they are too fast to be compared to cars . . conversation over .. . and I love cars too , but I lose to motorcycles allot . ..
by TurboCorvette April 04, 2003
This word is used to replace cuss words when you're friends parents are about.
You: Crotchrocket! I just stubbed my toe!
Friends' Mom: Oh, what a nice young man.
by callmesock October 05, 2010
1) a sport bike.
2) a male erection.
1) I think i'm gonna save up my money and buy a crotch rocket next summer.
2) I can't stand up until i get rid of this crotch rocket.
by the saskatchewan stud muffin January 23, 2007
When a male proceeds to show his love and affection for a females body through an erectile penis and or popping a chub.
Dude, last night me and that girl from the party were making out, and i popped a Crotch Rocket
chick and cop magnet
"Hey can I have a ride?" Goose it to make 'em hold on tighter, brake hard for mush-action.
"Driver's license, registration, proof of insurance please." Heard more often than above unless you don't stop...
by White punk wannabe rapper November 22, 2003
A female who's only purpose in life is one thing-perform Sex acts. Her purpose for being is between her legs. She has no other atributes, brains, work skills or any talents. Just sex.
In the office: "Marlene can't even answer the phone or use a copier". Reply: Oh yea she's a {crotch rocket}. Why is Marlene glad she's poor? Answer: she's a crotch rocket.
by genuineforyoutwo January 28, 2010

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