Another name for a sportsbike. Faster, Lighter, MORE Fuel Efficient and better looking than those shitty ass rusted up Buicks in our auto shop.
My crotch rocket can outrun any car you put against it. ANY!
by Kealon "Motha Fuckin" Hill May 24, 2006
When a male inserts his penis into a females asshole and screams "Crotch Rocket " and masturbates on the females back.
Rick ass fucked Misty screamed crotch rocket and masturbated on Misty's back.
by HyperionYT July 13, 2015
Getting crazy jealous! Like for reelz?!?
Don't be getting all crotch rocket for bullshit you don't know about yet!
by Jealous Queen August 17, 2013
A female who's only purpose in life is one thing-perform Sex acts. Her purpose for being is between her legs. She has no other atributes, brains, work skills or any talents. Just sex.
In the office: "Marlene can't even answer the phone or use a copier". Reply: Oh yea she's a {crotch rocket}. Why is Marlene glad she's poor? Answer: she's a crotch rocket.
by genuineforyoutwo January 28, 2010
A type of rocket that is most effective when shot at someone's crotch.
"Alright troops, remember to aim at the crotch with that crotch rocket."
by Edsel October 28, 2007
An extremely painful prank for the crotch-rocketed in which the two crotch-rocketeers stand in front and behind their victim, grab each others hands under his crotch, yell "Crotch Rocket!!!" yank, and send that poor, screaming sob sky-high.
Tom: Hey Mark and Terry! Wanna go to... why are guys standing so --

Mark and Terry: CROTCH ROCKET!!!

by damarius February 22, 2009
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