1) a sport bike.
2) a male erection.
1) I think i'm gonna save up my money and buy a crotch rocket next summer.
2) I can't stand up until i get rid of this crotch rocket.
by the saskatchewan stud muffin January 23, 2007
a slang term for a motorcycle used by people who know nothing about bikes. no self respecting biker will refer to motorcycles as crotch rockets.
guy with glasses "hey golly gawrsh lookit that crotch rocket gee, it's so fast, hyuk hyuk"
by leftnutbroken April 24, 2007
A female who's only purpose in life is one thing-perform Sex acts. Her purpose for being is between her legs. She has no other atributes, brains, work skills or any talents. Just sex.
In the office: "Marlene can't even answer the phone or use a copier". Reply: Oh yea she's a {crotch rocket}. Why is Marlene glad she's poor? Answer: she's a crotch rocket.
by genuineforyoutwo January 28, 2010
A machine that sits in the garage during the winter months in most states in the U.S.
Since it was wet outside, Donny had to drive his Geo Metro to work instead of his crotch rocket.
by axaxyup October 22, 2003
A fast thing with 2 wheels i try to kill myself on
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
Another name for a sportsbike. Faster, Lighter, MORE Fuel Efficient and better looking than those shitty ass rusted up Buicks in our auto shop.
My crotch rocket can outrun any car you put against it. ANY!
by Kealon "Motha Fuckin" Hill May 24, 2006
Getting crazy jealous! Like for reelz?!?
Don't be getting all crotch rocket for bullshit you don't know about yet!
by Jealous Queen August 17, 2013
A sex move which involves a woman giving head while wearing a full face motorcycle helmet. The man ejaculates onto the womans face and laughs as he closes the clear face shield so the woman can not remove the semen from her face.
Step by Step instructions for performing the "Crotch Rocket"
1. Get a girl to wear a full face motorcycle helmet while giving you a blow job
2. Don't tell her when your going to finish
3. Finish in her mouth, she will push you out but try to get as much in and around her nose and eyes
4. Close the clear face shield
5. Watch and laugh as she tries to rub it out of her eyes but cant because the face shield is down
6. buy a new helmet because you just jizzed all over your own.
by poundtownhotrain August 18, 2010

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