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10 definitions by MW

A weight measurement (chiefly european) where one "stone" is equivalent to 14 lbs. or roughly 6 kgs.
"She weighs 8 stone (112 lbs. or 51 kgs.)."
by MW August 17, 2003
The colored stains and biological debri that accumulate in a girls panties over a period of time. Used as a term to describe someone worthless and undesireable.
Jesse Jackson is a total pantywaste.
by MW November 25, 2003
A Riverview College NSW Sydney term. either meaning:
- full of shit
- Showing off
bob: i saw Jesus the other day
john: showbag
by MW September 06, 2004
One leg within a pair of pants; used to refer to just part of one garment.
The right pant has dust on it from all the blow I did last night.
by MW December 21, 2003
The remnants of a fountain soda when the ice has melted with existing liquid in the glass or cup creating a not-quite-water, not-quite-soda drink.
Friend 1: Hey, can I have some of your soda?
Friend 2: Sorry man, all that's left is the meltings.
by MW December 21, 2003
who the hell is tubbylad
tubbylad - who the fuk he?
by MW October 30, 2003
A word to mean the opposite or nawww. Used in an argument if someone were to use or nawww.
Is you mad or nawww? Yawww
by Mw February 18, 2014