A Northumbria University RAG team gesture as described bellow...

The idea of a crotch is quite simple- it merely involves the thrusting of the crotchal region into someone else while yelling "CROTCH!"

This may be performed at any time, place or occasion. Whether it is due to an innate desire to flirt or say hello, let someone feel your genetalia or merely an expression of goodwill, this craze is here to stay.
(Team 3 Leader creeps up behind team 3 member...creeping is optional but not necessary)


Team 3 member responds...

"awww what..."
by rockvj April 12, 2007
Top Definition
1. Another name for groinal area.

2. Name of the groin/seat area of pants

3. Act of shoving something in your crotch
<A> My crotch is itchy.

<A> There's a whole in the crotch of my pants

<A> I crotched the drugs.
by Ms T February 21, 2003
the area of the body which, when hit, cause those watching to laugh hysterically.
The video of that guy getting whacked in the crotch by a line drive just cracks me up!
by kraw-ch aka ooooowwwwwwwwww October 13, 2003
To hide drugs in the crotch of your pants so that if a police dog catches the scent, it will look as though he's just sniffing your crotch the way dogs often do.
Dude! It's the cops, crotch the weed!
by Anonymous January 12, 2003
a place for holding things such as sodas while in the car freeing your hands to do other things.
"do you want to put your drink in a holder?"
"no, i've got a crotch, crotches are good for holding things."
by matizzle (they took jess lol) November 26, 2005
A non-gender bias replacement for swear words.
Crotches be crazy!, Crotchfucker!, Quit Crotchin'!, Don't crotch out on me!
by Seedy Tea October 12, 2011
(verb) to grip or hold something with the inner thighs while sitting in order to leave one's hands free. This is almost always done in a vehicle with a fast food item, such as a beverage or carton of fries.
We're out of cup holders; looks like I'll have to crotch my root beer.
by sambarnes February 16, 2008
Where men congregate at a bar or club. The “cool guy” corner.
Look at all of those Chipsters and Chads hanging in the crotch of the Sports Corner Grill after the Cubs game!
by Blond Amazon June 18, 2007
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