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4 definitions by smiley420

A small town in CT, (AKA) Eastbumfuck, where there are shitty schools and like 5 stores. The most undesirable place to be. Can be compared to Narnia because it is in the middle of nowhere.
Theres nothing to do in Burlington CT except bike and blaze.
by smiley420 October 21, 2010
The best thing that happend to mount snow ever.
have you heard that they opened up carinthia parks last week.
by smiley420 November 21, 2010
The shit that your friend got from his friends friends cousin, who lives in jamaica.
I bet that shits fake weed it dont even smell,

the stuff thats called Legal Bud
by smiley420 October 13, 2010
a two wheeled coffin
dude he is so going to kill himself on that crotch rocket
by smiley420 August 25, 2011