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ones homegrown cannabis plants
yo bredrin de feds came las night tryin 2 tax up ma crops
by bOnGwAtEr September 12, 2003
A privately owned marijuana garden.
The authorities want to burn my crops down.
by GuidoPosse69 March 03, 2005
One's hair, or hairstyle. Your "do".
"Yo man, whatchwrong wit yo crop!" or "I went to Cost Cutters and got this wicked crop."
by The Squeasel August 26, 2003
An alternative word for marijuana/cannabis.
"I just had a toke on a bong full of crop"
by _nightshade June 01, 2007
Organic marajuana. Pesticides are not used on this type of marajuana. Also incorporated with the word "dig"
"Sup bruh you want me to dig you up some crops??"

"Nigga stop diggin' on my crops!!"
by holdmiester May 22, 2008
a "crop" is the letter by letter inverse of a "porc", but its signification is more directed to a person. A crop is someone who does stupid things, embarassing things, someone who is generally not liked by people with good values. The word "cropman" or "croplad" can sometimes be used.
"Yeah you know I was just walking down the streets and saw this crop, awful sight"
"In the crop circles you always come across these cropmen, pisses me off..."
"Hey have you read The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot ? Oh no wait I mean the Cropland"
by Ravenizer November 06, 2013
slang for cops, police, popo, pigs etc
usually used when trying to sound "low key"
Multiple cops is sitting outside Taco Bell, you walk past and your friend calls. You tell him:
"Watch out for the crops man, they're all hanging out at Taco Bell."
Most likely the cop doesn't know what your talking about. Proven to work. Win win situation.
by Antwan1500 September 10, 2009