To sing with honey in your voice; often used at the end of 80's songs--the music fades out, the crooning does not.
El Debarge, from the early 80's motown group Debarge, really knew how to croon.
by Bunny D May 25, 2005
Top Definition
To speak, sing, moan, or hum in a soft, gentle, intimate, soothing, or murmuring manner, particularly when adapting to an amplification system or using an echoing effect.
The mother was crooning over the sick child to help her fall asleep.
by Steven January 23, 2004
to sing sentimentally- a word originating from 50's dialect.
She crooned to baby to help him sleep.
by BlueSquirrelly November 30, 2008
An action one performs when they have a very obnoxious laugh.
Kim: "Hey, John, whats 9+10?"
John: "21"
Kim: *croons*
by anonxmous November 23, 2014
a old wrinky, oversexed penis
Ruth: wew, your croon looks massive david
David: Ruth, its a croon
by BabyBabyBaby67890 November 28, 2012
Going for cruise in the car with no purpose that turns into a hoon,dragracing and performing burnouts and powerslides etc.Usually happens on sunday.
Not doin much today mate,went for a croon this morning maybe again later
by Taz666 December 15, 2009
It means your going to try and flirt or chat up somebody, try and get jiggy with. Sexual term
Mate, are you crooning that? she is fit!

Crooning session?
by ghart1 August 28, 2008

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