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Old definition: To be fired for losing to Sylvester Croom's lousy Mississippi State Bulldogs that went only 9-25 from 2004-06.

New definition: To get your ass kicked by Sylvester Croom's newer, more talented Bulldogs that are no longer the biggest joke in the SEC.
Old definition: Ron Zook and Mike Shula got Croomed from Florida and Alabama, respectively.

New definition: Mississippi State Croomed the state of Alabama this year, as the Bulldogs beat Alabama, Auburn, and UAB. There isn't a better example of pwnage of a single state in college football than that.
by RCDIsthebest November 13, 2007
to be beaten in football by the Mississippi State Bulldogs, coached by Sylvester Croom.
With Houston Nutt at the helm in Oxford, expect the Rebels to be Croomed for years to come in the Egg Bowl.
by NotSayin December 29, 2007
To have your ass beat on national TV.
Nick Saban took his previously ranked Alabama Crimson Tide to Starkville, Mississippi and got Croomed.
by dawgenstein November 14, 2007
You just got your ass beat. And, given time, Sylvester is going to do it to you again!
Nick Saban got Croomed in Starkville during the 2007 football season.
by skb@msu November 27, 2007
To be fired as head coach after losing to a inferior team.
"Mike Shula was croomed after losing to Mississippi State."
by tr23 December 01, 2006
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