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Crazy school with teh broken laptops.
Crooms is teh nutzo
by MEarnhardtfan December 04, 2003
1. A place where many people gather on the web ie. Chat Room.
2. Something that is inheriantly awesome
1. Lets all meet in the Croom and get random
2. Punching emo's is as Croom as an Assclown.
by The Assclown King October 06, 2006
another way to say poop
That dog definately croomed on my lawn
by lex.05 June 09, 2006
A crowded room
Farts ain't good in a croom
by Lebster July 03, 2010
A technology school in Florida that has nothing but broken laptops, its in the middle of the ghetto, and if you're white, you're going to be racially discriminated.
Crooms is the worst school in florida!
by urbandicktionary888 October 08, 2011
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