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Evil people who take over loved message boards and websites and piss people off.
CNet has taken over GameFAQs again.
by MEarnhardtfan November 25, 2003
Every program causes this in Windows.
Explorer.exe has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down immediately.
by MEarnhardtFan August 25, 2004
Crazy school with teh broken laptops.
Crooms is teh nutzo
by MEarnhardtfan December 04, 2003
The quality of being similar to Google.
Following the buyout of YouTube, the site added features such as Did You Mean?:, making it more and more Googlish.
#google #youtube #googled #google video #did you mean
by MEarnhardtFan March 10, 2007
When immediately after you finish wiping, you feel the need to crap again. This creates layers of turd followed by tissue, then turd, then tissue, etc.
After wiping my ass, I felt the need to shit again. The toilet began to look like a BK Stacker.
#burger king #bk #shit #crap #wipe
by Mearnhardtfan August 14, 2006
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