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Description of a situation that was desirable to the individual.
Yo, that shit last night was cronkite.
by Lil' "Whhhhatt? ohhkay" Jon April 20, 2004
61 11
marijuana; a variation on "chronic"
Oh, no way we're watching "Super Troopers" without I'ma split the ziplock on this cronkite first.
by Puppy Love November 30, 2006
55 12
In the simplest of ways it means "news". Made famous by Hip Hop artist Grand Puba.
Yo man, what's the Cronkite?
by Bonita Applebum February 02, 2006
39 5
a boy
"katie's new cronkite is such a juicer"
by dislocatedelbows May 25, 2003
25 13