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1. a person, thing, or action that can be described by any of the following terms: gay, stupid, completely irrelevant, non nonsensical, absurd, not funny, retarded, creepy, or annoying.

2. To do something that can be described by any of the above mentioned terms
Person 1: Check out that weird guy over there staring at those girls.
Person 2: Jesus, what a croal. He is not getting any tonight

Guy 1: Dude, I am going to throw a rock at this car.
Guy 2: Come on, man, quit croalin' around
by LUCATONIROXS!!! November 22, 2009
legend.. musical... amazing.. everyone wants to be one.. some people worship them - the croals
i have a shrine to the amazing croals!
by wooohey! August 13, 2008
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