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A modern name for extremely sexy females.
"Crista, you are really hot!"
#crista #female #hot #sexy #woman
by beaverhausennn September 02, 2008
a small redneck town in North Eastern Alabama. Munford is in Talladega County and lies in a valley off of Cheaha Mountain, which trails the Appalachian Mountains. In general, Munford is quiet and pleasant as long as you limit who you know. The town is infested with underaged filthy females, also known as skanks. If you happen to be standing next to a "skank" in the nearby Wal-Mart in Oxford, you may be able to identify her by her smell. Sites to see in Alabama, unemployed trailor-dwelling families; ex-high school students who never did anything with their lives; and lying beached-whales.
"oh, you must be from Munford, because I can see the smell coming off ya!"
#munford #alabama #skank #mountain #gross
by beaverhausennn September 02, 2008
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