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A fake girl you make on a social network (like Myspace or Facebook)to mess with your friends.
Jordan: Our Crissy totally fuc*ed with Chris.

Robert: I know. He's such an errorist.
by Cameron Poe November 29, 2007
the sexiest name for a girl. crissys are always fun, a little bit of good in them with a lot of wild. finest bitches around..i'm talking dimes.
"yo did you see crissy today? shes baaaangin!"
by luvmesumhos March 05, 2009
The goddess of IRC. Everyone loves her. The best name for a female. Turns guys on. Has a great love for life and family. Most people think she is very caring and compassionate. Most guys think she is sexy.
Karl: "Hey have you met Crissy yet?"
Joe: "I was talking to her all night on the phone man."
by Joe's_Gurl June 11, 2009
methamphetamine, usually in crystal form.
damn beazy ill phil is on point wit his crissy

no doubt son he be givin the whole town meth mouth!
by PhiL da CooKa July 27, 2009
Louis Roederer's Cristal. Arguably the finest champagne on earth, 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay. Often sung about in hip hop, defining the financial status of rappers.
Yo fo' real son, holla at me, we'll get a bottle o' crissy, pop some hoes. Holla at y'all.
by ljgjghdf March 19, 2006
A combination of the words crica and bissy used to overemphasize the "pussy" nature of someones personality. A crissy will often have the behavior that disrupts the fun of others. Such predictable behavior is referred to as "crissy like behavior".
Last night at this fantastic party this guy stubbed his toe and made his boy drive him to the hospital. He's such a crissy!
by DasMrOh2U January 12, 2014
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