fresh, dope
"dude, i dig ur shades"
"yeah, i know right. theyre crisp af"
by syd-to-the-ney October 29, 2013
A derogatory term meaning provocatively fresh, to the point of annoyance.
"Don't get crisp with me!"
"He is just being crisp."
by Shoelar January 05, 2012
means really cool or nice
has the same meaning as fresh, tight, sick, and good
KC: Damn bro ur new crewneck's really crisp!

Matt: Thanks alot bro!
by kia720 August 14, 2012
Capable of Reeling In Serious Pussy
"Dude, I drank just enough to stay C.R.I.S.P. last night, unlike Bryan who was a mess.."
by jimjimslifelessons April 22, 2008
a universal word that can be used in any positive context. This word can be used in almost any sentence referring to any context. It is a general term that incorporates any word or saying that is used as a positive indicator. If it is to be used in a negative context one should add the word 'not' before 'Crisp'.
by Keepin it Crisp January 24, 2012
the act of being the man, legendary status. Crisp is cooler than cool, awesome, amazing, super, and fine.
I really wanna lamp hard right now, that would be crisp
by teeyanyoo July 08, 2011
tight, cool, awesome, ill, sick
Bro, your new haircut is crisp.

Dude, your shirt is crisp.
by Jonsson August 29, 2010

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